Client Comments:

pexels-photo-144024We are lawyers, and as such we are required to keep much of what we do confidential and many of our clients do not wish it to be known that they needed the services of a maritime lawyer.  Still, our clients and colleagues are our best source of referrals, and here are some comments that they have been willing to share.


I had the pleasure of working as co-counsel with Mr. Schwenk on a complex civil matter during the summer of 2011.  During a lengthy trial, I found Dirk to be extremely well-prepared and unflappable.  He has an easy-going manner, which I think both judges and juries appreciate, but don’t let that fool you:  Dirk is spot-on with knowing the law and is an excellent advocate for his clients, being suitably aggressive or charming as needed.
TG, Maryland lawyer.

“After reading an excellent article in Spinsheet (July, 2004) with regard to Maryland’s extremely complex boating laws, I contacted the author, J. Dirk Schwenk.  To say that I am pleased with the outcome of my case would be an understatement.  I might add that he also writes a very thorough article in language that I understand.”


“A few years back I had acquired a 42′ Sailboat through an estate, which I brought down from Long Island to Annapolis in order to sell. Although the boat was never used for personal use, I received a Maryland State boat tax bill for 5% of the estimated value of the boat.  I paid the tax, then learned that I might be able to obtain a refund.

Mr. Schwenk and his firm were able to affirm my intentions and were successful in recovering 100% of the money that I paid. I am most appreciative of the fine work done on my behalf, and would recommend him to anyone.”

“I just recently had a legal matter successfully resolved due to the knowledge and legal counsel of Mr. Schwenk.  It was a very frustrating time for me and he went above and beyond to help me through this distressing time.  Most important, we were successful in the resolution. I would wholeheartedly recommend him, without any reservations at all. I work in the marine industry and met Dirk as a result of this involvement.  He knows this business and is a highly respected attorney in the marine insurance community.  He knows boats and he knows marine law.” Helen, Marine Insurance Professional